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Ninjas FAQ's

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, participants must be a minimum of 4 years old (as of race day) to take part in Mud Monsters Ninjas. 12 year olds can either take part in the Ninjas run or they can take part in the main Mud Monsters Run if they are accompanied by an adult.


I have two children who fall in to two different waves, can they run together?

If you have two children of different ages but they wish to run together on the course this is not a problem. Simply sign them up to the age group wave they wish to run in, we would recommend always going with the younger child’s age wave.


Can I accompany my child?

For children aged 4-6 years old an adult must accompany them around the course, this is to assist them and cheer along. 

For children aged 7-9 years old an adult can accompany them around the course, this is not compulsory at this age. 

For children aged 10-12 years old they run the 2km course independently, no adults allowed.

Please note accompanying adults will not be allowed to go on the obstacles, there will always be an easy way around any obstacle for the adult to continue to accompany their child on the course.


How long is the course?

The Mud Monsters Ninjas course is around 2km and contains approximately 15 obstacles.


How long will the course take to complete?

This will depend on the age and ability of the child, but we would say around 45 minutes.



Are the obstacles compulsory?

No, none of our obstacles are compulsory, if a child doesn’t want to do something or cannot do it, they are fine to walk around the obstacle. Also if any child does not want to go in the mud then they don't have to.


Can I get a refund or cancel my child’s place if they are unable to take part?

As with most sporting events we state in our terms and conditions that we are unable to offer refunds or move your child’s place to one of our other events after you have booked and paid for your place. You can however make a substitution via your account up until 8 days before the run if you can find someone willing to take the place, please note there is an administration fee involved in this process and you will need to sort the money for the price of the ticket out between yourselves. 


I didn’t pre order a t-shirt can we buy one on the day?

Yes, we will have a selection of the Mud Monsters Ninjas t-shirts in our onsite shop on race day that can be purchased.

Can I run for a charity?

You sure can, we have a list of the charities we currently work with featured here. You can run for any charity whether we work with them or not. 


Is there parking at the event?

There is parking on site which is £5 per car (cash only). Parking cannot be pre booked so please just arrive on the day with your payment ready. 



What do I need to bring on the day?

We recommend that your child arrives in the clothes they will run in. Remember to bring a change of clothes for afterwards. It’s also handy to bring a towel to help dry them off, ideally an old one you don’t mind getting a little muddy. Maybe also bring a picnic blanket so you can enjoy the event village atmosphere once they have finished and celebrate with something to eat or drink from one of our tasty food vendors.


What should my child wear?

The course is likely to be muddy, whatever they wear it will get dirty. 

In terms of shoes, trainers are fine but might be a little slippery, anything with good grip would be a good idea. Please note, football boots (or similar) whether moulds or studs will not be allowed.  


Where do we go on the day and what do we need to bring?

Upon arrival head to the big registration tent, this will be right in front of you as you enter the event village. 

At the registration tent you will need to collect your child’s wristband, in order to do so you will need to have with you:
-  The booking confirmation email with the QR code either printed out or on your phone
-  Photo ID matching the name of the parent or guardian on the booking confirmation

Then you can relax and soak up the atmosphere until your child’s wave is called.


Are there changing rooms and showers?

We have changing rooms but no showers. We have separate male and female changing rooms but please note the changing rooms are there for the adult run, you are welcome to use them to change your child but please bear in mind they will also be used by adults participating in the main run on the day.


Are there toilets on site?

There will be toilets on site for runners and spectators to use. 


Is there a bag/key drop?

There will be a bag/key drop tent that is run on the day by a local charity. Bags can be left here for £3 per bag and keys can be left here free of charge. A percentage of the money taken will go to the charity manning the bag drop at the end of the day.

Is there a charge for spectators?

Spectators are more than welcome to come and enjoy the atmosphere of the event village and to cheer on all our runners. There is no charge for spectators to come along on the day so bring as many as you like.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times. Please note you must clean up after your dog.


Will there be official photos?

Yes, we will have Epic Action Imagery on site on race day capturing as may muddy smiles as possible. All pictures will be downloadable for free after the race, a link will be emailed out once they are ready.




What is in the event village?

In the event village you will find the start and finish line, so you can wave off your little Ninjas as well as see them cross that finish line, hopefully a little muddier than when they started.

There will be a selection of food and drink vendors offering a range of food as well as hot and cold beverages at a fair price. 

We also have some additional entertainment which varies by event but is normally along the lines of bungee trampolines and bouncy castles etc.

There are some benches to relax on, feel free to bring picnic blankets etc to make the most of the amazing atmosphere. 



Lost children

We advise you to tell all children to meet at the First Aid tent should they get separated from you at any point. This is easy to find and right by the entrance to the event village. We do have a lost child procedure in place and they will be well looked after until you are reunited.



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